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Miss Earth candidate in a mess with Pinoy netizens "Sinabihan ba naman na madume ang Pilipinas"

By: Abigail Kwok, InterAksyon.com
MANILA, Philippines – Filipino netizens are up in arms following a purported Facebook post by Ms. Earth-USA candidate Nicole Kelley where she criticized the Philippines as “so dirty and noisy.”

In a Facebook post made last November 8, Kelley posted: “I hardly made it to Manila and we already attended a ridiculous TV show. So annoying!!! These people want to touch you and be with you all the time!! I can’t understand a word they say. I can’t wait to go back home. This country is so dirty and noisy. I’m scared to eat!!! What a mess. On a lighter note, I don’t see any real competition. Will keep you updated my lov

The post was allegedly made few hours after Kelley guested at the popular game show “Wil Time Big Time.”
A couple of hours later, after the post was made, Kelley immediately deleted the post and claimed that her Facebook was hacked.
In her post on her fan page, Kelley wrote: “I know that there has been something maliciously circulated about me and I want everyone to know that I ABSOLUTELY did NOT say anything of the sort I am very sorry about this!!! Someone hacked my account and has been posting comments as me. I was at a community garden tour this morning when it was posted and I am very disappointed,” Kelley wrote.
“On a better note I am ABSOLUTELY enjoying my time here in the Philippines, the people are fantastic!! Our hotel at the Oakwood is beautiful and I can’t wait till all the other girls arrive!!! Hope to post pictures soon!” she said. The post was made on November 19. (Video message below)
However, many Filipino netizens were unforgiving. Kelley’s Facebook page was bombarded with negative comments from Filipinos. One user wrote: “You’re no Ms. Earth…because your personality is white trash. You’re no longer welcome in the Philippines.”
Another wrote: “The stupid remark you made in Facebook is the opposite of what you are representing. So, there is no need for you to have that title and please cut the BS that your account got hacked. It will be so easy for the investigators to find that out. You are really a stupid blonde if you have not figured that out.”

Nicole Kelly on video refuting the posted message on her Facebook page

On December 3, Latin-American beauty Olga Alava of Ecuador was crowned as Miss Earth 2011, while the Ms. Earth Water title was given to Miss Philippines Athena Imperial.
Miss Earth 2011 was originally scheduled to take place in Bangkok, but massive flooding in Thailand prompted the organizer to move the international beauty pageant to Manila.

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  1. I don't think Miss USA posted that Facebook shout out herself. I believe hacking has something to do with it. Poor Miss USA.